Some Unique Mailbox Ideas

Jul 10th

Mailbox ideas might be something that never crosses your mind. However, the unique ideas for the mailbox in your house can be something that attracts many people’s attention. Moreover, the mailbox is located in front of your house so that your unique mailbox will surely catch many people’s attention. If you want, you can try some of these ideas below.

mailbox ideas pinterest
mailbox ideas pinterest

Mailbox Ideas in Animal Design

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The first one that you can try is the animal mailbox. For this kind of idea, you just need to add the kind of metal material that shaped like an animal. If you have done that, you just need to attach it with the mailbox. The mailbox will be the body and the metal will be the head or any other parts of the animal. However, you might want to use the shutter of the mailbox to be the bottom part instead of the top part of the animal.

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Car Ideas for Your Mailbox

Another nice idea that you can try is the car mailbox. For this idea, you just need to add something that will make your mailbox looks like a car. However, since the size of a mailbox is considerably big, you might want to choose the kind of car which type is similar with the mailbox.