Economical Boilers

By | October 31, 2018

New boilerIf you’re looking to buy a new boiler, the worst mistake you could make is buying the cheapest boiler available on the market without paying attention to other important parameters that really determine the lifetime cost of a boiler.

One of the first things you need to look at is whether you want to invest in a LPG boiler, an oil boiler or a gas boiler. Most of the UK households are connected to the gas network making them ideal for a gas boiler. In case you’re not connected to the gas network, you can always invest in a LPG boiler or an oil boiler or a wood-burning stove.

When it comes to choosing a gas boiler, there are many different types of gas heating systems available in the market today including a combi boiler, a conventional boiler as well as a system boiler

A combi boiler provides not only hot water but also heat for the radiators. On the other hand, the heat only boiler has a hot water storage tank and a large cold water feed tank. The system boiler works like a heat only boiler without the cold water storage tank.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when buying a new economical boiler is the size of the boiler. You need to make sure that it is the right size, depending on your requirements as well as the cost of running the boiler. There is no ideal size of a boiler as it’s unique to every household. It also depends on the number of people living in the household as well as the number of bathrooms in the house.

A heating engineer can help you figure out the right size of the heating cylinder. Another important parameter you need to pay attention to is the boiler efficiency. Boiler efficiency refers to the efficiency with which boiler produces hot water. Most of the modern boilers available in the market today are around 90% efficient and there is not much to choose from. Therefore, the key to buying the most economical boiler is to choose the right size and the right type.

Another important parameter you need to take into account is the reliability as well as maintenance cost of the boiler. Keep in mind that a boiler that breaks down frequently will cost a lot more over its lifetime as compared to a reliable boiler that may cost more initially but does not break down as frequently.

Overall, you need to pay attention to the above-mentioned parameters in order to buy the most economical boiler available in the market today. Simply put, you need to focus on the lifetime cost of running the boiler instead of focusing only on the initial cost in order to make the right choice.