Army Decorations for a Boy’s Bedroom

May 9th

Army decorations ideas – are very suitable to apply in a boy bedroom. But is it simple for creating an army-looked bedroom? Do not worry, it is very easy. Just follow these ideas.

us army decorations
us army decorations

Army Decorations Ideas

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The first one is creating an army feeling toward the paint. Paint some trees, tanks, and soldiers on the wall. Or just paint the wall with the combination of dark green and brown color with some stickers of jet planes on the certain point of the wall. The second idea is covering the bed and the pillow by using an army patters clothes. The next cool idea is hanging an army helmet, compass, and artificial gun on the wall. Hanging some pictures of military characters like Rambo is also a good idea, as well as hanging a plane, helicopter, or even a parachute from the ceiling. The last idea is by using a green or brown duffle bag as a dirty clothes bag.

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Is There Any Consideration before Applying these Decorations?

The answer is yes! Make sure first that your son is an army lover, if he is not, these decorations are not recommended. Another consideration is your budget. Check your saving account before buying some goods needed for decorating your son’s room in an army feel.